Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr. Márta Gávai

By Dr. Márta Gávai, Gynecologist

I have always wanted to work abroad, but up to now I was tied to Hungary because of my personal obligations and professional engagements, so that it remained a dream. Now at the age of 50 I decided to leave those expectations behind in the hope that I could get a job abroad that would mean having to work less than in Hungary and feeling more respected and appreciated both professionally and financially. Furthermore, my pension will be granted which will provide me with a secure life in ten years’ time.

I saw Medicolink’s advertisement on the internet, I clicked on it and I immediately felt that it was for me – it visualized my ideas. When I contacted the person responsible for the recruitment programme at Medicolink, I felt that I was given the help, support and orientation I needed. The personal interview later on provided me with emotional security and it was also made clear that I would be offered settlement assistance by the time I move to Denmark and would start working. These factors played an important role in my decision.

When I visited my future hospital in Denmark, I was completely taken by the equipment available and the atmosphere, but mostly by the people: Their humane attitude and the optimistic way they see things. Their friendly and well-organised environment was attractive to me. It was great for me to get to know the staff I was going to work together with in my future career, and even more importantly I felt a certain respect they had towards me.

They did not consider it strange to start a new life at the age of 50 – on the contrary, they were interested in me both on the professional and personal level. That is why I accepted the job offer, signed the preliminary contract and started the Danish language training. Concerning the training, I am comfortable with the training programme and the settlement assistance we receive during the training, it gives me security financially as well. Thus I do not have to worry about how to provide financial security for myself and my son in the meantime. I truly believe that my son will only benefit from this change. He will have the opportunity to study at an international business school which provides him with an internationally accepted degree and knowledge.