Dr. Dávid Kiss

By Dr. Dávid Kiss, Dentist

When my partner and I made the decision to continue our lives abroad we had gathered considerable information about the opportunities that existed both in Hungary and elsewhere. Neither could offer any noticeable opportunities that caught our interest. Then I received an email about a job opportunity in Denmark. It was something fresh and different, something exciting. Now I am attending a language course, and in two weeks’ time we are moving to Denmark.

At my workplace in Hungary I treated tense and impatient patients, who always worried about how they would make ends meet economically. In other words, the patients took their everyday problems with them into the dental chair. This resulted in them choosing the quickest and cheapest interventions, which usually meant only a temporary solution. To me, this did not offer sufficient professional challenges. I only have a few Danish experiences in relation to how Danish patients behave, but my first experiences have been wonderful. Patients were patient, friendly, nice, and in a good mood.

Many Hungarian doctors, like me, are looking for a job within a functioning system in which everyone solves their respective tasks well. We are looking for a workplace with a liberating mood and with friendly working conditions. In addition, a steady future and a competitive salary are also important. In Denmark you can find all of this.

I grew up in the countryside next to a large forest, where my parents worked in the local forestry. My childhood was lovely. I am really wishing for a good and stable childhood for my children as well, but I believe that is very hard to realize in Hungary at this time.

It is hard for me to imagine life in Denmark, but I fully believe this is the place in which I can fulfil my dreams. Our dream has always been to live in a scenic village on a coast, near a bay or by an ocean, close to nature. I also dream of a house with a huge garden and a garage.

I hope that we will have the time and opportunity to enjoy our leisure time in Denmark. I would like to go fishing after work, especially in the summer when the days are longer and the evenings warmer. These long summer nights allow for spending time with friends grilling meat, fish and vegetables.

Of course we would also like to have children one day. Denmark is a nice place for children. Nurseries and kindergartens are well organized, and the school system is highly developed.

It would be hard for me not to be a member of a sports club, so I think I will join a fishing club and a local football club, as I like to play football. I cannot see into the future, but I am very optimistic.

The language course is a big challenge for me, because I have to study every day again and train my brain with unaccustomed science. I have not studied languages for 15 years, so it is a great challenge for me, but I enjoy it. It is a lot of fun to do something else.

The teachers are highly motivated, energetic and responsible. There are four different teachers, teaching in four different areas, in which they are very skilled. All of the teachers are well informed and we can ask them freely about Denmark, because they all have personal experiences from living in Denmark.

We also have lessons concerning the historical and cultural aspects of Denmark. I often feel like I am already in Denmark.

I know my Danish language skills have developed greatly since I began the language course. The results we have achieved are greater than I would have ever hoped for. Yet, I still think the most challenging thing is the Danish language.