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Language course

Five months' intensive Danish training

Danish society and especially patients in hospitals expect strong language skills and a prior understanding of the society and health care culture. The Medicolink Method pays special attention to this aspect. Before starting your new job in Denmark, we therefore ask you to join a Danish language training course at our offices in Budapest.

During your entire training period you will be receiving financial compensation to ensure that your everyday needs are met and that you can focus fully on the training without having to worry about paying your bills. We also provide those doctors living a long distance from Budapest with accommodation in Budapest, which means that you can live near the training facilities without extra expenditure.

The training lasts five months, plus 2 weeks additional online teaching. This period can be shortened or extended according to the requirements of the future job and/or the level of proficiency obtained by the candidate during the training period.

We are aware that the family is elemental to the success of the training and integration process. Accordingly, we provide free learning material for the candidate's family. Medicolink's offer to families is not a full programme, but an introductory course to Danish language. Once the family arrives in Denmark, anyone with a registered Danish social security number (i.e. CPR number) will have the opportunity to receive three years of free Danish lessons courtesy of the Danish state.

The foundation of learning Danish will be grounded during the language course. For this reason, we aim to make the course as stimulating and interactive as possible: In addition to basic reading material and written exercises, we make use of cases representing real-life situations, audio and video samples, real-life language training etc.

The real-life language training takes place during Medicolink's social events, in which candidates will get plenty of chances of practice their Danish skills in the company of native speakers.

Danish medical language course for specialists and dentists

The three goals of our language training

  • PROFICIENCY: The candidate must be able to cope with Danish (written and spoken) in order to function well both at the workplace and in his/her private life in Denmark
  • CULTURAL: The candidate must develop an understanding of Danish mentality and culture in order to be able integrate in Danish society
  • TOPICAL: The candidate must be introduced to the Danish health care system through knowledge of vocabulary, procedures, mentality, and institutions

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