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Adapting to life in Denmark

At Medicolink, we consider the integration process a family matter, as it concerns all of you. We customise our integration programme to suit the needs of each candidate and your family in the best possible way. Thus, full commitment is required not only by you, us and your future employer, but also by your family members.

Medicolink's integration programme runs for at least one and half years: From the moment you begin the six month's long language course in Budapest, we hold regular talks with you and your partner to ensure that you are feeling well and have your basic needs taken care of so that you can focus on the Danish language course. Once you start your new life in Denmark, we follow up with designated talks with you and your family after two, six and 12 months, respectively, in order to hear how you are getting along with your new life in Denmark and to offer our assistance should you need any input or guidance in adapting to Danish society.

By the time you arrive in Denmark to start working, you will already have been through extensive courses to enable a smooth transition and an easier integration process. For instance, midway through the language course you are going to visit your future employer and to see the area in which you are going to live and work and all the opportunities there, e.g. schools and kindergartens in case you have children.

 With your partner, we will discuss expectations about life in Denmark: Work skills, hobbies, interests and personal preferences are taken into consideration and a preliminary integration plan is prepared. Unfortunately, no job guarantee for the partner can be guaranteed in Denmark, but should the partner wish to look for a job after a while, Medicolink is ready with guidance and discuss different strategies. The spouse's well-being is essential to the entire family and therefore a special concern for us.

Integration to Denmark, family program, Danish lifestyle

Medicolink's integration programme

  • Well-being programme during the language course in Budapest
  • Cultural teaching during the language course to prepare you for life and attitudes in Denmark
  • Various social events during the six months in Budapest
  • Partner and family programme: We assist spouses and children in preparing for life in Denmark
  • Three follow-up talks (two, six and 12 months, respectively) after arrival in Denmark with both candidate and partner
  • Medicolink alumni society: Social events in Denmark

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