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Working as a dentist in Denmark

If you are interested in working as dentist in Denmark / Scandinavia, Medicolink finds it relevant for you to become acquainted with the following information, prior to your recruitment process.

General info on the Danish healthcare system

Healthcare service in Denmark is almost exclusively covered publicly and financed by the five regions. The only real exception is dentistry, which is mostly paid for by the patients themselves. There are however public ways of insuring oneself against the largest part of the bill by becoming a member of Sygeforsikring Danmark (Health insurance Denmark). As this is a cheap way to avoid large bills, almost half the Danish population are members.

Facts on being a dentist in Denmark

Around 2000 dentists in Denmark own their own clinic or own part of a clinic in a joint practice. In Denmark, dentists work in a team with dental assistants, hygienists and receptionists. Working hours are 37 hours per week i.e. during business hours. On average, a dentist’s salary is about 50.000 DKK per month (which adds up to an annual income of about 80.500 EUR). Oral hygiene is very important for Danes (typically characterized as preventive dental care). Therefore, general dentists/dental surgeries are the most visited.

Most orthodontists work in a private practice and are self-employed, or employed by the owner of the practice, and earn their living partly through charging fees for treatments and partly by claiming government subsidies for adult care. The government pays for all dental treatment for children, up to the age of eighteen. In more rural areas, where it may be uneconomic to organise a separate public dental service for children some practitioners may be contracted by the municipality to provide this service.

How to gain authorisation in Denmark as a dentist

Dentists educated outside Denmark (including dentists from the Nordic countries and the EU/EEC countries) must hold Danish authorization to be able to use the title dentist in Denmark and the Faroe Islands. As a result of international agreements, different rules govern the recognition of qualifications obtained abroad, depending on the applicant’s nationality and where the education took place.

Medicolink will assist you in getting your previous education and training acknowledged in Denmark.

Societies for dentistry

 The Danish Dental Association (Dansk Tandlægeforening) aims to keep its members up to date on the latest developments within dental surgery. They also offer opportunities for further education. Through the Danish Dental Association, it is also possible to obtain liability insurance at a lower price than through regular insurance companies. Liability insurance is compulsory for all dentists working in the private sector.

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