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Working as a cardiologist in Denmark

At Medicolink we continuously provide acquaintance and advice for you, as a cardiologist interested in working in Denmark/Scandinavia. Medicolink has the aim of giving you sufficient information about the Danish healthcare system and the cardiac profession in Denmark, prior to and during your recruitment process alike.

The Danish healthcare system

Most of the healthcare institutions in Denmark are covered publicly and financed by the five administrative regions of Denmark. The Danishhealth care system is divided into a primary healthcare sector, including GPs and private practicing specialist doctors, and a secondary healthcare sector, including hospitals and outpatient units. In this arrangement, family physicians are functioning as gatekeepers for the hospitals and specialist doctors. There are a number of private clinics in Denmark, but the vast majority of patients in Denmark are treated in public institutions.

Cardiology in Denmark

Currently there are about 270 authorized heart specialist doctors in Denmark. The highest proportion of cardiologists are employed by public hospitals with a few employed in specialist medical practices. As a cardiologist, you will therefore have several work options in Denmark: practicing as a medical specialist, staff specialist or as a clinical advisor.

The average Danish working week is 37 hours and the starting salary for a specialist doctor is about 53.000 DKK (which adds up to an annual income of about 85.200 EUR).
There is currently an increasing demand for cardiologists in the Danish healthcare system, and due to a longer life expectancy and an expected higher mean age of the Danish public, the need for more cardiologists is expected to continue.

Cardiology is an independent specialization in Denmark and covers a wide range of diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Regarding cardiovascular scientific research in Denmark, there have been an increased activity in the recent years. The Danish National Board of Health is committed to the principle that scientific research should be an integrated part of every cardiology division, and aims to maintain and expand the high scientific level in the field of cardiology, as well as its level of development. For the time being, disease groups as ischemic heart disease, cardiac arrhythmias and heart failure are highly topical subjects, in order to develop capabilities regarding to remote ischemic conditioning (RIC), as well as gene- and stem-cell therapy etc.

How to gain authorisation in Denmark as a cardiologist

To get authorization and employment as a staff consultant or chief specialist in Denmark, an education matching the Danish model and fulfilling the training standards of the appropriate articles of Council directive 2005/36/EF[1], is necessary. Naturally, knowledge of the Danish language is an important factor as well, in terms of cooperation with patients and colleagues. The Danish model of medical education consists of 6 years of general medical training, which provides the MD degree, one year basic clinical training and a specialist training which usually takes between 4 and 7 years. The basic clinical training includes working at two of the following places: a medical department, a surgical department, a psychiatric department and a general medical practice. At each place you have to work for 6 months.

Medicolink will assist you in getting your previous education and training acknowledged in Denmark.


Danish Society of Cardiology (DCS)

The Danish Society of Cardiology represents the cardiologic specialization towards the Danish health authorities. Furthermore, the association is advisory to the Danish health authorities regarding professional training in cardiology.

The Danish Society of Cardiology aims to facilitate increased theoretical knowledge and practical progresses in the subject of cardiovascular diseases, as well as to organize scientific conferences for its members.

Website of DCS:



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Working the Danish healthcare sector, in the field of cardiology