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EU doctors: What's important for you and your family?
Medicolink will assist you in realizing the possibility of a job in Danish Health Care.  Our approach focuses on the well-being and success of you and your family.
Your future career is international
At Medicolink we strive to offer you a quality in service throughout the entire recruitment process.
Medicolink's staff knows from personal experience that it is a major decision to move to another country.
That is why we offer our full commitment not only to you as a candidate but to your family as well.
recruitment since 2007
We focus on quality
Since 2007, Medicolink has proudly graduated more than 100 medical professionals from a wide range of EU countries to work and live in Scandinavia.

At Medicolink's offices in Budapest and Ry (Denmark), we are a dedicated and still growing team with a recruitment focus on quality, not quantity.

Throughout the recruitment and qualifying process, we continuously keep in close contact with each candidate and your future employer.

We provide you with all the necessary information and ensure that you get the best possible preparation to a new beginning. Furthermore, we support you and your family during the entire process.
Language qualification
We teach you Danish
Read more about the various specialties from which we are doing ongoing recruitment.
Currently there is a bit of bottleneck in anaesthesiological subspecialties in Denmark. Too many doctors are retiring compared to the intake. More are being educated but for the older more experienced specialists this means time away from operation. Therefore there are great possibilities for specialists within anaesthesiology at the moment in Denmark.

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There is currently an increasing demand for cardiologists in the Danish healthcare system, and due to a longer life expectancy and an expected higher mean age of the Danish public, the need for more cardiologists is expected to continue. As a cardiologist, you will have several work options in Denmark: practicing as a medical specialist, staff specialist or as a clinical advisor.

Read more about Cardiology
If you like living in smaller towns with fresh air and great family opportunities there are at the moment good prospects in Denmark. Medicolink performs recruitment for Danish dental clinics, where the aim is for the dentist to be the sole owner of the clinic after a few years. Contact us for more information about our dentist model.

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Family medicine
Family medicine
Some regions in Denmark are finding it increasingly difficult to find enough general practitioners (GPs) for their practices. This has led them to explore new options in order to satisfy the demand for GPs. Among other initiatives they are exploring international recruitment to fill the current lack of these specialized doctors.

Read more about Family medicine
General surgery
General surgery
There is a need for more surgeons in Denmark within many of the surgery subspecialties. This need stems from the fact that more operations are performed than earlier and the fact that surgeons are getting older and soon will be retiring faster than their ranks are being replenished.

Read more about General surgery
Because of an aging population Denmark is facing a huge challenge now and in the future, as the risk of neurological problems grows exponentially with age. This in combination with a demand from the Danish people to be well functioning in their old age has led to large investments within the field of neurology and the creation of a range of new subspecialties.

Read more about Neurology
Orthopaedic surgery
Orthopaedic surgery
Orthopaedic surgery is receiving a lot of attention at the moment for its ground breaking research. There is especially focus on joint research and improving prosthetics. This focus is a consequence of the Danish demography, which in a few years will have a lot more old people than system has been geared to deal with. This also means increased funds for the field of field of orthopaedic surgery.

Read more about Orthopaedic surgery
In Denmark there is a growing focus on cancer and the preventive measures that can be taken in order catch cancer patients before their cancer becomes deadly. Among other initiatives the Danish health care authorities are now conducting regular mammography screenings to catch cases of breast cancer earlier. Pathology is a key speciality in the prevention efforts and therefore these specialists are highly sought after.

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Psychiatry is getting a lot of focus these years in Denmark. With an extra 2.2 Billion DKK (Approx. 300 Million EUR) from 2015-2018 the Danish government wants to improve the facilities, capacity and quality of all sectors of psychiatry and especially increase the focus on child and youth psychiatry.

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From 2003-2014 x-ray examinations has gone up 50 % and CT scans has gone up a staggering 250 %. There is an increasing focus on CT scans in Denmark these years and the method is rapidly outcompeting older methods of diagnostics. Modern facilities and modern methods are very much a priority within the field of radiology these years.

Read more about Radiology
As in most of Europe the age of the Danish population is rising. This naturally means more work for rheumatologists. More work in combination with a falling number of rheumatologists means that this is a specialty that is getting a lot of focus these years. There is a demand from the Danish population to be well functioning in old age and rheumatologists plays a key part in this.

Read more about Rheumatology
Previous candidates
On these pages you will be able to read about our candidates' own experiences with the Medicolink Method: Our recruitment, qualification and integration process. Specialist doctors and dentists like yourself offer their personal stories about the reasons why they decided to make use of Medicolink's services.
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Our Team
Our key staff is always ready to answer any questions you might have.
Allan Sørensen
Allan works with candidate integration matters both in regard to Budapest and Denmark. He has a MA in English and Danish studies.
Anders Krog
Located in Denmark, Anders works with business administration, performance and risk management, and financial analysis. He is MSc. in Finance.
Anna Sebestyén
Consultant / Team Lead
Anna works with recruitment and manages the Medicolink office. She holds MAs in English and Scandinavian studies.
Beatrix Fogarasi
Junior recruiter
Bea work with recruitment. She is studying psychology at Eötvös Loránd University.
Bettina Radó
Student assistant
Betti is responsible for practicalities and ad-hoc tasks at the office besides assisting in administration. Currently she is doing her MA in English.
Boglárka Vasi
Bogi works with recruitment. She finished her MA in media and communication with political communication specialization at Corvinus University.
Christopher Krenchel
Junior Finance Assistant
Christopher works with bookkeeping and finance. He is currently studying a BSc in Financial Management at International Business School.
Edna Muratagic
Marketing Coordinator
Edna works with Marketing Management. She is finishing her MA in International Relations and has a degree in Business, Language and Culture as well.
Eszter Oláh
Finance assistant
Eszter works with finance and she is assisting at bookkeeping. She studied communications at JATE.
Éva Abrudán
Éva works with accommodation and administration. She holds a degree in English and French Language and Literature, and she also speaks Romanian and Swedish.
Flóra Keszei
Flóra works with recruitment. Currently, she is doing her BA in communication and media studies at Corvinus University of Budapest.
Gábor Csúr
Gábor teaches Danish and specialist language. Currently he is writing his Ph.D. thesis at the Nordic Studies Department at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest.
Ghita Andersen
Language teacher
Ghita teaches Danish. She is doing her MA in Linguistics
Ida Glöde
Account Manager
Ida works with client relations to the Danish Regions and Hospitals. BA in education. She has experience in teaching Danish and English as a foreign language. She is fluent in English and Spanish. Located in Spain, Madrid.
Jakob Podraza
Team Lead
Jakob’s tasks involve Danish teaching and assisting with bookings and integration. He is currently finishing his MA in Social Welfare Studies and Psychology.
Kasper Isling
Administration Consultant
Located in Budapest, Kasper works with business administration and client relations to the Danish Regions and Hospitals. He has a BA in life science.
Kata Bernád
Junior recruiter
She works with recruitment. She made her BA in German Studies and now she is studying Human Resources.
Kristóf Kovács
Senior recruiter
Kristóf works with Recruitment and he is also responsible for the IT around the office. Currently, he is doing an MA in the History of Modern Hungary.
Kriszta Tóth
Kriszta works with marketing and recruitment. She speaks English, Italian, Spanish and Hungarian, and she graduated from Design Management.

Lena Heglingegaard
Lena Heglingegaard
Solution Consultant
Lena is working with communication and marketing. She also do pronunciation teaching. She is doing her Master’s degree in International Business Communication with English at Aarhus University
Mariann Deli
Mariann recruits dentists and also does administrative affairs at the Medicolink office. She has a MA in English studies.
Nelli Kiss
Junior recruiter
Nelli works with recruitment. She studies International Relations at Eötvös Loránd University.
Niels Joachim Petersen
Consultant / Team Lead
Located in Budapest, Niels works with corporate finance and business administration. He has a MSc. in economics and a background in International financing.
Orsolya Imre
Orsi works with recruitment. She is doing her MA of translation and interpretation with French and English language at ELTE.
Rasmus Jakobsen
Rasmus co-founded Medicolink in 2007, and he is working from Denmark with finances and administration. He is MA in History of Ideas and Information studies.
Réka Szamos
Language teacher
Réka teaches Danish and specialist language with a background in Scandinavian studies. She is also MA in Conference Interpreting.
Sára Besze
Marketing coordinator
Saci works with marketing and communication. She completed her BA in Media Communications.
Signe Juul Rasmussen
Integration Consultant
Signe works in the integration team with tasks related to candidate integration. She also do pronunciation teaching. She is going her MA in Culture, Communication and Globalization, with a specialization in organisational culture and leadership.
Tamás Bárány
Consultant / Team Lead
Tamás works with recruitment, partner relations and marketing. He has experience in student works, temporary staffing and headhunting as well. He has a MA in Human Resources.

Tamás Unger
Tamás Unger
business development manager
Tamás works with business development and with client relations in the German regions.
He has an MA in German studies and background in international business.
Tue Sand Larsen
Tue co-founded Medicolink in 2007 and is in charge of all daily affairs in the Budapest office. He is MA in Nordic studies and occasionally does teaching as well.
Viktoria Sulyok
Language teacher
Team Lead
Viktoria teaches Danish and specialist language with a background in Modern Languages and Literature studies and a degree in Translation.
Vivien Altmann
Senior recruiter
Vivien works with recruitment and is responsible for partner company relations. She is MA in International Relations and has a degree in Political Science and English Studies as well.

A place for you and your family
Denmarks population of just 5.7 million people inhabits a country in which no city is further than 50 kilometers away from the sea. More than 10% of the population are immigrants.

The first World Happiness Report, commissioned for the UN in 2013, crowned Denmark as no less than the world's happiest nation due to a strong social support system, freedom to live as one pleases and low perceived business and government corruption. Since then Denmark has gained the nomination for 3 times. 
Denmark prides itself on having a healthy work-life balance. The Danish welfare model, especially in regards to parental leave and childcare facilities, not only puts Denmark at the top of the international equality league table, but also contributes to a generally high standard of living.

In general, Danes work 37 hours a week. Specialist doctors in Danish hospitals enjoy the benefit of six weeks of paid vacation. Most of the foreign doctors who come to Denmark speak highly of the work conditions in Danish hospitals. They find a reduced stress level, well-equipped hospitals and good career opportunities.

"Medicolink has proved to be a good and reliable cooperation partner for many years. It is vital to me that Medicolink include awareness of professional Danish medical terminology and information about the working structure in the Danish health care system in their qualification course. Furthermore, Medicolink prepare the doctors and their families mentally for a future in Denmark.
Malene Virring Nielsen, Deputy Clinic Chief, Clinic for Children and Youth, Psychiatry, North Denmark Region
"We have a very positive, constructive, and trustworthy cooperation with Medicolink regarding recruitment of foreign medical specialists. In my view, Medicolink is a truly professional and respectful company both towards us, the hospitals, as their cooperation partners and not least towards the respective candidates during the recruitment process."
Mette Højgaard, Chief consultant, Nykøbing Falster Hospital, Zealand Region
"In Medicolink, we have found a professional cooperation partner for recruitment of specialist doctors. Medicolink ensures a holistic approach that sees eye to eye with both the candidate and family in regard to adjustment of expectations, language qualification, and relocation issues."
Pernille Bang, HR consultant, Hospital unit Central, Central Denmark Region
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